About GS Motors

We specialize in used electric vehicles because we believe electric cars are the future of transportation.

With the increasing use of renewable energy by major electricity providers, electric vehicles (EV) can be a smart choice for drivers who care about the environment and adopting a sustainable way of life. In Minnesota, Xcel Energy currently provides state residents with electricity that includes 25 percent renewable energy and is 55 percent carbon free.

GS Motors is proud to be a member of Xcel Energy’s Renewable Connect program which provides 100% of our electricity from locally sourced wind and solar generation facilities. That means that our cars are fueled onsite by 100% clean and renewable energy. Our mission is to supply Minnesota residents with reliable used electric cars, making the technology more popular and accessible for those who care about our planet.

With an estimated 84 miles on a single charge for most popular affordable electric cars you can do a lot! EV charging networks are becoming more widespread across the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota in general. Electric cars with a quick charge capability can be charged up to 80% within 30-40 minutes at fast charging stations that are already available locally. An electric car is can be a perfect second car for a family that still needs at least one car with an internal combustion engine for longer uninterrupted trips. If your daily commute is less than 50 miles, an electric car is the way to go! Low maintenance costs and no use of gas or diesel makes it affordable to own. Electric cars have very good factory warranties coverage for the EV battery, the most popular coverage is 8 years or 100,000 miles from the first in-service date.

With the purchase of an electric car you are changing your lifestyle. You will be planning charging time and will be finding charging stations around the Cities. You will not be worried about oil changes and stops at gas stations especially during rush hour. You will be driving a vehicle with completely different technology than you may be used to, and the feeling of driving an electric car is a completely new experience.

We encourage you to participate in renewable energy programs that are available with your electricity provider. That way you will not only be driving zero emission vehicle but it will be powered by clean energy.


Our “By Appointment Only” Policy:

GS Motors is owned and operated by Pavel Ihnatovich and he dedicates his personal attention and expertise to each individual interested in looking at an electric car for purchase. For this reason, we serve all customers by appointment, so each customer can receive undivided, individualized attention, ask any questions they may have, and take time to learn about EV technology without the distraction of other customers in the environment.


Appointments can be scheduled between 10 am and 8 pm Monday through Saturday. Please call or email for appointment.